Photographic folios can be submitted by anyone in any country. Silvershotz then reviews folios for potential online publication.

Why submit your portfolio to Silvershotz?

Silvershotz provides integrity and credibility to your work as a world leader in publishing contemporary photography. Since 2004 Silvershotz has featured more than 400 emerging photographers, distributed 470,000 quality journals in 1400 bookstores in 17 countries. In the new multi-platform Silvershotz experience you have the facility to showcase images and videos which become part of Silvershotz archives and accessible by institutions, libraries and collectors around the world.

What sort of work does Silvershotz publish?

Subjects can be as varied as abstract, still life, landscape, figure work, portraits, photo documentary, social commentary and experimental work, (confrontational nudity is excluded). Silvershotz covers all genres from film to digital, from historical/darkroom wet processes to ink jet and multi-media.

Do I have to pay anything to Silvershotz?

Silvershotz does not pay photographers, and photographers do not pay Silvershotz. You receive excellent publicity and Silvershotz promotes you, your project, books, exhibitions and your website/agent/gallery. The photographer at all times retains copyright and intellectual ownership of the images supplied.

Videos of your work

Engage with your market. Take a video of your location if you do outdoor shots, speak to the camera about why you do something, perhaps you want to share some of your technical process. We only require about 4 minutes of video; Silvershotz will edit your video to professional standards. Video formats accepted are FLV/AVI/MP4 and MOV.